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With his moves, his looks, his costumes, his voice and his personality, it is no wonder Elvis Shmelvis is always picked out of thousands to be featured in so many television shows….such as…

Sunday night at the Palladium -

Sept 2014

Elvis Shmelvis was chosen from hundreds to sing Suspicious Minds from the Royal Box. First interviewed by comedian jason manford,

Shmelvis went on to sing live to 2400 people.

Watch it  here…

Bradley walsh’ Christmas Cracker-

 Boxing day 8pm ITV

Elvis Shmelvis was chosen along with 2 others to sing Viva las Vegas on stage, alongside Katherine Jenkins and Pixie Lott.

Watch it  here…

BBC1's Even better than the real thing  part 1

Sat 16th Sept 2017 BBC1 7pm

Elvis Shmelvis was featured in this new TV show about tribute artists. He interviewed and seen conducting an Elvis style Vegas wedding ceremony.


- BBC2 - The Elvis edition….

Hosted by Dermot Murnighan, Shmelvis was selected to be one of the contestants. The Elvis team did pretty well!!

Come dine with me, celebrity Jubilee special.

 He was personally contacted by Kerry Katona to be her dinner party entertainment.

And yes, because of his performance (and Kerry’s fish and chips supper) Kerry won!!

Come dine with me - Luton

Once again, Shmelvis was asked to be dinner party entertainment for Luigi in Dunstable.

Guess who won….you’re right…Luigi

Watch Shmelvis’ performance here..

The ONE Show - Three times!

 3rd time was Jan 2014 when the Bbc wanted 14 Elvis’ to sing a medley of songs at the end of the show. Elvis Shmelvis was asked to provide 13 other Elvii all in white suits rehearsed to sing the medley in 48 hours!! He did it!!  Watch it here..

The ONE Show - Three times

Elvis Shmelvis was the spokesperson representing 30 Elvis’ being interviewed by Christine Bleakley on her very first ONE Show. Heres the video…

Russian State TV to 100 Million people !!!!!!!!!

Yes, you heard correctly…100 Million people saw Elvis Shmelvis in action in a recorded TV feature filmed in London. Watch it here..

Holby City (2 episodes)

When Holby wanted an Elvis to perform a wedding in the popular British soap, they auditioned many but Shmelvis got the part. Watch it here

The Weakest Link - Elvis special

Shmelvis was one of nine Elvis’ picked for the show.

It was a great laugh, but Anne Robinson didn’t laugh much!

Test the nation

Shmelvis was one of many Elvis’ to be featured on this popular show, as one of a team of Elvis’

Live from Studio 5

It was Elvis’ birthday, 8th Jan 2010, and Channel 5 wanted an Elvis to perform a medley of rock n roll hits. They called Shmelvis and he was there singing to the lovely Melinda Messenger, Kate Walsh and the not quite so good looking Callum Best.

Blue Peter

Following the succesful winning of a Guiness world record, Elvis Shmelvis (who led 76 other Elvii singing Viva Las Vegas in Selfridges store) was asked to come on the show and repeat the performance.

Louie Spence Showbusiness

Sky 1 HD

Watch carefully on the feature of David Van Day pop video and you will spot Shmelvis doing his thing with the dancers.


The show was called ‘Life begins at 40’ and Shmelvis was featured because when he was 40, he gave up his full time job to become full time Elvis Shmelvis.

Shmelvis was interviewed and sang during the show.


Celebdaq BBC3

This was a show I did many years ago with many looka-a-likes, and my scene was the Britney Spears Vegas wedding. It was fun to shoot (in a freezing cold church in Streatham) but as I said, it was a very long time agooooo.

BBC 1 News Channel 4 News ITN News  London Tonight  Sky News  Anglia News  CNN News  Euronews  etc

Nearly every major news channel has interviewed Elvis Shmelvis either on Elvis’ birthday or on the anniversary of Elvis’ death.

Here are just a few examples…


Dinner date

Shmelvis was asked to be the suprise guest at the dinner party in London. After his performance he taught the diners some Elvis moves!

Holby City

first episode

Shmelvis was a patient. Injured on his way to an Elvis contest, he was seen sitting on his bed, playing uitar and singing In the ghetto.

The Generation Game

With mel & Sue -

March  2018

Elvis Shmelvis was the star prize ON the conveyor belt (after Cuddly toy!) And when the contestant guesses him correctly, he came on stage and presented the winner with their prize. He then remained on stage and danced at the end with Martin kemp!

BBC1's Even better than the real thing  part 2

Dec 2017 BBC1 7pm

Elvis Shmelvis was featured in this new TV show about tribute artists. He interviewed and seen conducting an Elvis style Vegas wedding ceremony.